Sunday, April 5, 2009

I can juggle / Juggling for success

Dave Finnigan's program. Some informations... but this site used to be different 2,3 years ago :(. It was all: "" website with lot of information and more detailed about juggling benefits, goals, how to do it. Probably the website was changed and there are few proggrames on it. I found the only one old page - it's here
You can try to look for it. I translated the pages into Polish and today found only tsome papers in English on my computer (copied few years ago :). I will put it on the blog soon.

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Jon Skjerning-Rasmussen said...

Hi Mirek -
Maybe it is an idea to contact Dave Finnigan himself. Either you can do it or I can do it first as the President of the EJA. What do you think?